3-ply Soft Facial Tissue (4 x 480 sheets)


4 packs x 480 sheets of 3-ply soft facial tissue with 4 unique designs of boxes.



Introducing our premium 3-ply Soft Facial Tissue, designed to elevate your everyday comfort and convenience. Available in packs of 4 or 8, each containing 480 sheets, our tissues are crafted to provide unparalleled softness and strength.

Made from high-quality virgin pulp, our facial tissues offer a luxurious feel that’s gentle on your skin. The 3-ply construction ensures exceptional durability and absorbency, making them ideal for everyday use at home, in the office, or on the go.

Experience the difference with our highly stretchable tissues, designed to offer maximum flexibility and tear resistance. Whether you’re wiping away tears, cleaning up spills, or simply freshening up, our tissues deliver reliable performance with every use.

Say goodbye to worries about harmful additives, as our tissues are completely free from fluorescent agents. Instead, you can trust in the purity and quality of our product to provide a safe and hygienic solution for your daily needs.

Upgrade your tissue experience with our 3-ply Soft Facial Tissue and enjoy the luxury of softness, strength, and reliability whenever you need it most. Trust in the superior quality of our tissues to keep you feeling comfortable and cared for, day in and day out.

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